Portrait Sketches


Working from life - it's where the rubber meets the road.  As any artist knows, it isn't possible to "arrive", but it is always possible to get better.








Environments for Animation


This is the fun part - with parameters set by the directors - art and story, you get to sit back, place yourself in an imaginary environment - then let your pencil/paint/Cintiq/markers do the rest. It's always a surprise....






Jenny - Oil
Charley Profile - Pencil
Chris - Oil
Elizabeth - Red Chalk
David's Eye - Pencil
Jeff - Pencil
Rya - Pencil
My Hand - Pencil
Chris - Pencil
Allen - Pencil
Ben - Pencil
Matthew Profile - Pencil
Tara /Long Pose - Pencil
Charley - Pencil
Matthew - Pencil
Andrew - Alla Prima/Oil
Nick - Pencil
Jeff - Red Chalk
Jenny/Long Pose - Pencil
Jenny/Long Pose Detail - Pencil
Saraphina - Red Chalk
Tara - Red Chalk
Tasha - Pencil
Elizabeth - Pencil
Elizabeth 2 - Pencil
Jenny Profile - Alla Prima
Lily - Charcoal
Lily Down - Charcoal
Dreamworks: "Spirit," Horse Herd in water
Monty - Pencil
Dreamworks: "Spirit," Horse Reflection
Mayan Sky
Dreamworks: El Dorado - Mayan Temple
Warner Bros.: Quest for Camelot, Light in Forest
Warner Bros.: Quest for Camelot, Tree
Castle Chamber
Warner Bros.: Quest for Camelot, Kayley's Bed
Quest Forest
Elephant Death - Markers
Ghost Elephants - Markers
Elephant Mother and Child - Markers
Elephant Group - Markers
Marching Elephants - Markers
Cliff Fall - Markers

Character Design


In much the same way environments are conceived, character development follows the same path - within the often very generous confines of story direction - you place yourself in the environment you created and imagine what that character would feel like.  What he/she feels like largely determines what they'll look like.

Warner Bros.: Quest for Camelot, "Kayley"
Dreamworks: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Warner Bros. "Blue Beard"
Warner Bros. "Blue Beard"



Lighting Design



Lighting Design is the best way to influence the visual story telling path and is immense fun.  The story director sets the parameters for what he/she wants to accomplish emotionally and action-wise and, using value and shape, along with movement, you help to realize the goal.

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I've made my way in this world with my hand and my heart. It simply doesn't get any better than that. That "way" has included figurative sculpture in bronze editions with their requisite gallery alliances and a lovely eight year romp through feature animation with Disney, Warner Brothers and Dreamworks. Those efforts came with awards and accolades buried now in boxes behind boxes. But, what remains. on the table in front of me, are my pencils.....and the notion of taking them out for yet another spin.